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   Doggie Daycare Pricing 

First time dog daycare clients will get a free half day of daycare. During this evaluation we will place your dog into a group that best fits your dogs energy level, personality, and size.   

‚Äč Single Day Pricing

Full day            $30.00        additional dog     20% off
Half day           $22.00         additional dog     20% off                    Full day packages
5 day         $140.00    ($28.00 per day)
10 day        $260.00    ($26.00 per day)
20 day        $480.00    ($24.00 per day)
30 day        $640.00    ($21.30 per day)                                  
*Packages never expire

    What is doggie daycare?  

At our facility, dog daycare is centered around a fun-loving atmosphere under the care of our professional staff. 
Our dogs are meticulously grouped together to optimize safety, increase socialization, play, and exercise for all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

"Dogs who take part in daily playtime and enjoy physical activities  are more socialized, healthier, less stressed, and happier!"
 Dogs will be Dogs... and we let them!
 Class Schedule
Daily Activities Check In 7am-9am 
The dogs are checked in for daycare and taken back to their run, their lunches are placed in our lunch basket and the dogs wait for playtime to commence.

Morning Session 8am-12pm  
Dogs meet up with their friends to run, romp, and bark with each other while enjoying our jungle gyms, pools, and toys.
Break Time 12pm-1pm Afternoon siesta and lunch. Yum! Naptime is essential for dogs after a morning filled with running and playing.

Afternoon Session 1pm- 5pm Round Two!!
Our full day dogs get to go outside for some more playtime and fun in the pools. This is more of a relaxed playtime with spurts of energetic play!

Time to Go Home! 5pm-7pm
Time to rest and relax while we wait for mom and dad to pick us up from daycare!!

All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Influenza. Please call with any questions.