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What is doggie daycare? 

At our facility, dog daycare is centered around a fun-loving atmosphere under the care of our professional staff.

Our dogs are meticulously grouped together to optimize safety, increase socialization, play, and exercise for all shapes, sizes, and personalities.


"Dogs who take part in daily playtime and enjoy physical activities  are more socialized, healthier, less stressed, and happier!"

 Dogs will be dogs... and we let them!

Sunbathing Pup

Interview Day Required, this is a  assessment prior to the first full day of dog daycare.

Call for more details 443-869-4071

My dog absolutely loves this place. He prefers a private room with a view of the comings and goings. It’s very convenient having a vet right there as well. So it works for the both of us.

Nkosi Akinlabi, Modebo's owner

This was Milo's first time for boarding and doggie day care. DDR&S was great. Very responsive and professional. Milo spent four nights boarding and also attended day care. When we brought him home, he was absolutely beat. Thank you for taking good care of our pup. He will be back!!

Teresa Andrews, Mils's owner

Class Schedule

Daily Activities Check-In 6 am-9 am

The dogs are checked in for daycare and taken back to their run, their lunches are placed in our lunch basket and the dogs wait for playtime to commence.


Daycare runs from 8 am - 5 pm 

Dogs meet up with their friends to run, romp, and bark with each other while enjoying our jungle gyms, pools (in the summer), and toys.


Time to Go Home! 5 pm-8 pm

Time to rest and relax while we wait for Mom and Dad to pick us up from daycare!!


Doggie Daycare Pricing

First-time dog daycare clients will need to set up an interview day. During this evaluation, we will place your dog into a group that best fits your dog's energy level, personality, and size.  


​ Single Day Pricing

     Full day            $37.00   



Full day packages

5 day         $165.00    ($33.00 per day)

10 day        $310.00    ($31.00 per day)

20 day        $590.00    ($29.50 per day)

       30 day        $870.00    ($29.00 per day)                                   

*Packages never expire

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